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Client Testimonials

Craig McClusky, Manager, PCPC Direct

"We never hesitate bringing X-ISS in to help deliver Linux Cluster solutions for Fortune 500 companies."

Success Stories

X-ISS Upgrades xCAT Cluster Manager with Custom BitTorrent Deployment

X-ISS successfully upgraded a client’s cluster manager from xCAT 2.3 to xCAT 2.8 without any system downtime. Along with the upgrade, X-ISS designed and implemented BitTorrent as the compute node image...

Who We Work With
  • PCPC Direct
  • Dasher Technologies
  • Digital Globe
  • Ansys
  • Microsoft
  • Bend Research
  • Nice
  • Total
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Bright Computing
  • Dell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Ion
  • Technip